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"Construction is not just about "bricks and mortar"; it's about people... skilled craftsmen who utilize tools and materials to create efficient and comfortable working space for people. One thing that I've always liked about business is the interaction with others; like minded, goal oriented people who share a common vision to see a construction project through to its completion. Whether the job is large or small, it's the relationships that make the difference.

Here at Goldwing, we have assembled a team that believes that attention to detail, communication, and over-the-top customer service is the only way to achieve quality results, and of course, best possible value for our customers.

I hope that you'll be inclined to try our unique brand of professionalism and watch ideas take flights."

Mark McFarlane



Goldwing Construction Inc. is about…

We know that the number one reason why businesses succeed is because of people. The best companies in the world focus their attention on providing exceptional customer service to their clients and exceptional quality in the products they sell; Goldwing is no different. We cater to relationships and we will not participate in construction practices that jeopardize those relationships.

Our materials will vary based on the needs and specifications of the client, but the quality of the service and workmanship will never change. From Budgeting to Project Closeout, you will notice the difference in the way we operate. Our “10 rules For Customer Relations” has been developed and adopted by all of our staff. These “rules” are innovative, simple and effective solutions to some of the most common problems that people face when dealing with companies.

Our workmanship won’t deviate from being the best it can be. We also recognize however, that sometimes clients are not interested as much in having expensive Italian tiles in the lobby…they are interested in getting real estate deals done! We listen to our clients and we hear them when they say things like, “cost is an important factor”. We won’t up-sell materials or design. What we will do is consider materials or processes that provide a better look or feel to a project but that do not necessarily increase the cost of the project. It is little differences like that that make Goldwing really stand out.

Goldwing is a construction firm that focuses on PEOPLE and relationships. We provide over-the-top SERVICE and we listen to you to provide VALUE. Give yourself the “Goldwing Advantage” when contemplating your next construction project.

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